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Our Mission


The Cherkin Preston Foundation was established to provide for the needs and education of children in Kenya.

Board of Directors

  • Roberta B. Cherkin

  • Michael S. Preston

  • Robert C. Jurgens

  • Jeffrey G. Cherkin

  • Lauren R. Cherkin

Our First Program


Mbumbuni village’s Kitondo Primary School with its enrollment of 450 children ages 6 to 14

The Foundation provided basic school supplies such as pens and paper, first aid kits, sanitary napkins, clothing, shoes, and sporting equipment such as soccer balls, uniforms, and volley balls. Two major efforts were to renovate the teachers' rooms and facilities and to raise money for a water tank to collect rainwater for drinking. Another significant program was the establishment of a library at the school. In addition, soccer balls and uniforms were donated to the Ngoni Secondary School. Learn about other programs we have supported.

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