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The Cherkin Preston Foundation continues to accomplish its mission through a series of programs as follows: 

By partnering with the Kianda Foundation, we have provided grants to the following: 

Hair Design & Beauty School


While primary education is free, secondary education is relatively expensive. Thus, many secondary-age children do not go to school due to poverty. The Hair Design and Beauty School seeks to further the children's education by teaching them the trade of hair dressing. The ultimate benefits are the life skills that will enable the children to become employable or entrepreneurial.

Playing for Growth


The children build on their academic education by learning the pursuit of excellence through social activities. The emphasis of this athletic program is on physical fitness, cooperative teamwork and unbridled fun. Obtaining uniforms and sports equipment is the first step toward that attainment.

Young Americans Helping Young Africans 


American children have the opportunity not only to raise money for the children, but also to exchange culture and insights into what the world is like on the other side of the ocean. This program encourages American children to help African children with the many hardships they face. In turn, the Foundation wants the African children to know that the American children care about them.

Peperuka Scholarship Scheme 


This program provides high school scholarships for girls who attend the Kianda School and who have serious financial difficulties.

Children’s Health


The Children's Health Program brings medical care to children whose parents cannot afford it.

Kimlea Business


The Kimla Business Center provides vocational training for poor women in Limuru that will help them professionalize and expand small businesses.

Kimlea Girls’ Techinical Training Centre 


This Centre provides technical training for girls ages 18-23, preparing them for a career to help bring themselves and their families out of poverty.

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